Episode #51 - Building an online business and brand: Adam James Parr

Adam James Parr: Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Adam James Parr

I really like to highlight when I see people doing good work. I came across Adam on Instagram and took to his consistent, informative content and no nonsense approach. He has a straight laced approach which is clearly paying dividends as he has a very impressive port folio of fat loss transformations. In this podcast, we discuss how he’s developed his online brand, what the foundations are of building a business and the effectiveness of Crossfit training.

Building a business and time management

Adam and I first discuss the process in which you go from commercial gym PT to online trainer. These types of journey’s don’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of patience and consistency to get to a stage where you can have full control over your diary. Adam takes me through what he did when he first started as a PT and how it’s contributed to helping him now.

We also talk about the basic concepts of business and what the necessities are for increasing your income. Adam has his own bespoke internship programme where he teaches trainers everything they need to know about improving their brand.