Episode #42: Setting up your own private facility - Andy Hibbert

Andy Hibbert: The Strength Factory

Andy Hibbert

Do you work in a commercial gym? Do you have aspirations of one day setting up your own gym? Are you unsure about where to start and what to do? In this podcast, I interview The Strength Factory owner Andy Hibbert. Andy has risen through the ranks as a PT and opened his own gym in Bolton. We discuss what it takes to open your own gym and the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to business.


I’m extremely fortunate that I work in one of the best facilities in Europe in Frontline Fit. However I have attempted to set up my own gym on several occasions and can tell you it’s an extremely difficult process. There is an absolute plethora of things you need to consider and you need an unbelievable amount of dedication, determination and guts! Andy Hibbert tells me his story about how he built The Strength Factory. He takes me through finances, budgets, time management, forecasts and marketing strategies that must be considered for the gym to be a success. Andy also highlights what he considers the number one most important thing needed for a gym to be successful.


I’m a fan of Andy’s because of his experience and no nonsense approach. Not only has he competed in powerlifting to a very high level, he recently got in fantastic condition for a photo shoot at the gym. I believe that all high level trainers should be both lean and strong. Andy takes me through his typical training style, dietary methods and the best lessons he learnt from training with Powerlifting legend Andy Bolton. If you’re into strength training, this is not to be missed.

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