How daily gratitude can change your life - Mindset & productivity techniques



If you’re reading this, I’d like to thank you. I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read to what I have to say. I put out content because I enjoy it, not because of the demand, and so I really do appreciate it when people say they’ve read my articles.

This article is going to be very straight to the point and pull no punches. Today I’d like to teach anyone who reads this how to have prosperity in their life. No, I am not saying I will make you a millionaire, but I can actually show you how you can achieve levels of incredible happiness through simple mindset techniques.

What makes us unhappy?

In my eyes, unhappiness is categorised by lack of fulfilment/meaning, victimisation and constant want for more. We become depressed due to our insecurities about feeling unwanted, our feelings that the world has done us wrong and our desire to have more than we currently have. On analysis, we are in complete control of our levels of happiness as we can control these thoughts and emotions.

Reversing the mindset

Lack of fulfilment derives from living a life untrue to yourself. You work a job you don’t like, where you don’t get paid what you deserve and each day is a drudgery just to make it through to the weekend. You can change this through actively working towards your goals. You need to establish what you love doing, how your intend on getting there and the baby steps you need to take each day in order to achieve this. Step one done.

Victimisation is cancerous. As aggressive as that statement is, it’s true. When you believe that you are constantly the victim, you feel as if the world owes you something. The world owes no one anything. You are not special and neither am I. We are all created equal in our god given right, it is how we choose to apply ourselves that dictates our levels of contentment. As soon as you utter the words “why me?” to yourself, you are engraining a mindset that will lead to depression, anxiety and failure. The only way we overcome our adversities is by taking responsibility for our actions, focusing on what we can control and then diligently working towards correcting the situation with integrity.

An attitude of gratitude

Never want for more in life. Wanting is poisonous. It emphasises that your happiness is dictated by receiving what you think you deserve. Your greatest happiness will lie in building. Building and wanting are very different to one another.

Wanting to be a millionaire is bad. It means that your happiness relies on the superficial aspect of money. Money can buy comfort, but not happiness.

Building to be a millionaire is good. Everyday you look to better yourself by improving your business, improving your services, improving your body and improving your mindset. By doing these things on a daily basis, you are putting everything in line to give yourself the best chance of building a business and lifestyle you can be proud of. The money is simply a by-product.

The only issue with building is that it requires constant motivation to keep going. How does one get up day in day out at 5am, work until 9pm whilst training hard and eating right. The answer? Gratitude.

Gratitude is the greatest motivator there is. It makes you appreciate everything you have and may sometimes take for granted. We often get caught up and become upset with our appearance or lack of progress in the gym. However when we sustain an injury, the only thing we wish for is when we were able bodied and could move around pain free. If you ever feel sorry for yourself, put yourself in somebody else shoes. Imagine what they yearn for what you already have. This fills you with compassion and gratitude. Have high levels of both these qualities will make you a much better person.

Simple tricks: How to massively improve productivity

My drive to work in the morning takes around 20 minutes. I used to listen to the radio, then moved on to podcasts, then audio books. Now, I drive in silence.

Whilst I am driving I think about everything in my life I’m incredibly grateful for. The place I work, the job I do, how I’m able to train and most importantly, the amazing family I have. I think about the small things such as laughing with a loved one, peaceful meals at home and the fact that I am healthy and able bodied. I don’t want for anything more than I already have.

This makes me feel privileged. It makes me feel as if I already have incredible riches, because in retrospect, I already do. I couldn’t want for anything more.

So what happens when I go to work? Well I want to make my family proud, I feel so grateful for what I have received, I want to thank the world by working hard in return. It is during the moments of tiredness and exhaustion that I think back with gratitude and it spurs me on.

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you feel depressed or anxious, spend a good amount of time thinking about the small things you have to be grateful for. Practise this on a daily basis and you’ll see how much your mindset changes and how much more positive you become.

Before you can expect to receive more, you must be grateful for what you already have.