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Episode 80

What’s your relationship like with training?

What’s your relationship like with training? In this podcast, I talk about my relationship with training over the years and assess the areas in which I learned the most. I discuss where I went wrong, why I was going wrong and the mindset I developed to overcome this issue. Who’s this for? This podcast is […]

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Session Profit Calculator

Do you want to increase the amount of money you make? Do you have an earnings goal but are unsure on how to achieve it? Business can be very straight forward if you know what you need to improve. This article will explain how. Business – What to focus on I’m by no means claiming […]

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Eugene Teo Part 1: Biomechanics of the foot

Eugene Teo Part 1: The Foot In the first instalment of this two part series Eugene and I discuss the biomechanics of the feet, why it is so important and how our lifestyles impact our movement quality and joint health. First Eugene explains how he developed his biomechanical theories and why these foundations are essential […]

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Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew & Tomato Basil Rice

I made this recently and it went down a real treat. This is a great evening recipe for the whole family and contains a nice even balance of protein, fats and carbs. I try to limit red meat to just morning meals and so this fish stew is great as an alternative to lamb or […]

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Breakfast Recipe

Poached Eggs & Rye Bread Breakfast

This breakfast recipe is a delicious recipe packed full of nutrition that nourishes the gut and provides a nice even mix of macronutrients. All the vegetables used here are fantastic sources of prebiotics, a form of fibre that allow good bacteria to thrive. Digestion A lot of my reading at the moment is on the […]

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Sebastian Oreb

Sebastian Oreb: Powerlifter & Strength Coach

I chat to the Australian Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb about how he peaks for powerlifting meets, how he developed his Strength Systems seminar and what he did to build Thor’s incredible static strength. We discuss what changes and approaches he had in taking Thor from a raw strongman talent to one of the strongest athletes […]

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Adam James Parr

Adam James Parr: Personal Trainer & Online Coach

I really like to highlight when I see people doing good work. I came across Adam on Instagram and took to his consistent, informative content and no nonsense approach. He has a straight laced approach which is clearly paying dividends as he has a very impressive port folio of fat loss transformations. In this podcast, […]

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My Top 5 Productivity Tips

This article will be the summary of the posts I have been uploading to social media this week (w/c 26th February 2018). My goal is to share my top 5 tips regarding boosting productivity, brain power and getting shit done. I’ll be explaining what my choices are, why I’ve chosen them plus my anecdotal experience […]

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