The Skill Of Strength

I’m currently coming to the end of a fantastic audiobook called “Evolve Your Brain” by Joe Dispenza. The book is an in-depth account exploring consciousness, reality and neuroplasticity. This article will explain how the concepts discussed in that book can directly help you in getting stronger. Background Strength is a skill. When we observe a […]

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David Behrens

David Behrens: Mindfulness Coach

One of my main objectives for the podcast is to interview the most interesting and knowledgable people I can find. David Behrens was recommended to me by gut health specialist Steve Grant and once I did some research on David’s experience and expertise, I was extremely excited to get him on the show. Background: Who […]

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Paul Carter

Paul Carter: Lift Run Bang

Paul Carter is a man of many talents. Powerlifter, bodybuilder and long term contributor to one of the biggest muscle building websites in the world; T-Nation, Paul now provides us with informative and insightful blogs through his own portal, Lift-Run-Bang. I’ve read almost all of Paul’s content for the past 7 years and am a […]

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Pull Ups

Back Building: The Body Weight Pull Up Programme

When it comes to building muscle, there’s nothing more potent than the iron. If you want to build a strong, commanding frame then squats, deadlifts and presses are an excellent way to go about it. However, for some people, circumstances and a busy lifestyle can mean getting to the gym isn’t realistic or possible. This […]

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Dan Reeve

Dan Reeve: Personal Trainer & u80kg Strongman

Dan Reeve is a strength coach and under 80kg Strongman based out of the Frontline Fit Performance Centre. He recently had an outstanding performance at the Natural u80kg Strongman World Championships in Finland where he came 5th. In the podcast, we speak about all the variables he considered in the run up to his competition. […]

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Weight Training and Football

Football is the nations favourite sport. It’s passion, pace and unassailable ability to provide astounding highs coupled with devastating lows is what has engrained it well and truly in our hearts. Football is more than a game: it is a cult, religion and belonging to which fans dedicate a lifetime to following their team unremittingly […]

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Cleaning Things Up Part 3: Alcohol

I’m going to have to start with a pretty crushing blow, alcohol is a considerable detriment to achieving your fitness goals. This is because it provides a triple threat in the form of hormonal disruption, dehydration and calorie density. Don’t worry, I’m aware I’ve just given sugar and gluten a bad rep, so I’ll go […]

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Ishrat Husain

Dr Ishrat Husain: Clinical Psychiatrist

I was very excited to do this podcast. The reason being is that it finally gave me the chance to cross some bridges in regards to the world of fitness and that of academic science. Dr Ishrat Husain holds a visiting academic post at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, Europe’s largest […]

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AJ Morris

AJ Morris: Physique Coach & Athlete

You can’t ignore hard work and dedication. AJ Morris is definitely someone who personifies someone who has found their passion and is building a business out of it. In this podcast, we discuss the background behind his business, realistic goals in natural bodybuilding and much more. AJ Morris Firstly AJ takes me through how he […]

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Cleaning Things Up Part 2: Gluten

There are a lot of fads in the nutrition world and “gluten free” is definitely one of them. Whether gluten should or shouldn’t be eaten completely depends on the individual. However this article will explain some concepts behind gluten consumption which you may not have considered. Background So your doing your weekly shop and you’re […]

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