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The Macronutrient Guide

Are you looking to increase muscle mass, lose fat or improve performance? In my opinion, this is all about controlling variables. If you don’t track your weights, calorie intake and expenditure, you’re missing out on a very useful tool for changing your body. If macros are alien to you, this podcast will explain all in […]

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Goal setting

New Year Goal Setting: How to get results

So it’s January and New Years resolutions will be rife. The quality streets have been substituted for protein shakes and gym memberships will sky rocket. Goal setting is an incredibly important factor when looking to change your body. In this podcast, Dan Reeve and I discuss the most important things when starting your diet and […]

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Seared Spicy Duck

Chicken and Turkey will feature frequently in the majority of people’s diets. It tends to be quite rare that we deviate from what we know and try different meats. Rotating your food sources is good to avoid boredom, but also ideal for preventing getting food intolerances. This is my take on how to cook perfect […]

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One Day Cure

Guest Posts: Katie Ball – The One Day Squat Cure

Katie Ball started out as an intern at the Frontline Fit Performance Centre. She has graduated with flying colours and is now delivering an array of services such as personal training, strength camp and assisted programme design. As a strength training enthusiast, she is always looking for new methods to trial to improve her knowledge […]

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Fat loss

The Fat Loss Cocktail

I’ve always had the outlook that if there were a supplement or magic pill that was 100% fool proof for fat loss it would be worth millions. I’m going to set the record straight now, no “fat loss” supplements work, they can only increase the efficiency of certain mechanisms given that they are in the […]

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Photo shoot prep

Calum Raistrick: Photo Shoot Prep

Photo shoot prep and strongman training don’t really go hand in hand. In one corner you have to gain as much mass as possible in order to build strength. In the other, you have to meticulously count calories so that body fat drops to single digits. So this begs the question; what happens when you […]

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Dan Kelly: Dealing with Crohn’s Disease

At the Frontline Fit Performance Centre we have various different modes of services. As well as 1-2-1 personal training and Strength Camp, we offer an option called “Assisted Programme Design”. This is where members have all their nutrition, training and supplements designed bespoke to them, but without the in person 1-2-1 training. This is the […]

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chicken stew

Winter Warmer: Chicken Stew

The cold nights are upon us and we’re all in need of something nutritious to warm us up. This is a delicious recipe suitable for all the family. What You’ll Need White & Sweet potatoes White Onions Carrots Parsnips Garlic Leeks Chicken Thighs Mixed Herbs & Spices Spinach Leaves Olive Oil Instructions Chop up 2 […]

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Intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting: What, How, Why

If you’re interested in nutrition, it’s likely that you’ll do some off the cuff research in to different dietary strategies. Intermittent fasting is a food timing protocol where you restrict your eating “window” to a shortened period of the day, so for example, instead of eating from 7am-8pm (13 hours) you may eat from 7am-1pm […]

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Stephane Cazeault: Strength Coach

Programme Design goes way beyond writing down reps and sets. The way I see it, it is an art form dictated by your education, sporting background and willing to learn. In this podcast, Stephane Cazeault and I discuss the concept of Undulating Periodisation, a method of programme design largely popularised by French Canadian Strength coaches. […]

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