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Cleaning Things Up Part 3: Alcohol

I’m going to have to start with a pretty crushing blow, alcohol is a considerable detriment to achieving your fitness goals. This is because it provides a triple threat in the form of hormonal disruption, dehydration and calorie density. Don’t worry, I’m aware I’ve just given sugar and gluten a bad rep, so I’ll go […]

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Cleaning Things Up Part 2: Gluten

There are a lot of fads in the nutrition world and “gluten free” is definitely one of them. Whether gluten should or shouldn’t be eaten completely depends on the individual. However this article will explain some concepts behind gluten consumption which you may not have considered. Background So your doing your weekly shop and you’re […]

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Cleaning Things Up Part 1: Sugar

This is the beginning of a three part series in common issues I see in most people’s diet. The goal here isn’t necessarily to eliminate the items I talk about. It’s to see them from a more logical perspective and devise a strategy for improvement. Before we begin, I’d like to emphasise that the most […]

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brussel sprouts

Loaded Brussel Sprouts

The best way to improve your health is to increase the amount of green veg you eat. It’s a simple tip, but not always the easiest. Green veg doesn’t have to be boring or boiling. This is a fantastic, festive recipe that works well in tandem with evening meals. I find this is a great […]

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Lime & Ginger Chicken Thighs

We’ve all been through the classic “chicken and broccoli” diet. As much as we like to kid ourselves, it’s hard to get away from. This is my twist on a standard dietary food that turns it in to a taste sensation. Who says eating well has to be boring. What You’ll Need Chicken Thighs White […]

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Winter warmer

Winter Warmer

I’m a big fan of nutritious dense stews full of protein and carbs. They’re easy to make in bulk and are a fantastic winter warmer for the cold nights. This recipe is packed full of protein and fibre so ideal for an evening meal, especially after training. Winter Warmer Chop up 3 white onions, 2 […]

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Honey & Chilli Salmon

Fed up of having that afternoon slump after a high carb lunch? Looking for fresh, tasty new meal ideas that’ll help improve concentration as well? This chilli Salmon and mixed veg dish ticks all those boxes. Give it a try. Salmon Place Salmon fillets on to a tray coated with tin foil.  Before placing, lightly […]

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Chicken Pie

I watch far too much of the food network. Instead of being addicted to Game Of Thrones or Power like a normal person, I have re-runs of Jamie’s 15 minute meals on repeat all day, every day. As this is the case I suddenly had the urge to bake a pie. I’ve never done it before, […]

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Spicy Lamb Meat Balls

Lamb is a very much overlooked food when it comes to “dieting”. This is usually because it’s higher in fat in comparison to chicken and turkey. Despite this being the case, it’s very important to cycle your meats and so lamb would be a great addition to any diet once or twice a week. This […]

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