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Food Prep, Meal Plans And Common Sense

We all know that for somebody to change shape, their diet is a hugely influential factor. As the saying goes, “you can’t out train a bad diet”. However are the common conceptions around clean eating true and do we really need to go to extreme lengths to see radical physical changes? Exhibit A; fitness professional […]

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The 100 Burpees Method

Are you or your trainer employing nutritional methods that are designed to have a specific outcome? Or are you just doing something purely because it’s difficult so logic tells you it’ll work. I hate burpees. They look stupid, sound stupid but do enough of them and you’ll be yelling profanities more than Ozzy Osborne when […]

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Make Food Work For You, Not Against You

The picture below is my post workout shake and “meal” from a training day earlier in the week. It was a chocolate recovery shake made with almond milk and an oat, raisin and granola cookie. Now, there is no right or wrong way to eat. Everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, […]

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When Healthy Eating Doesn’t Work

We all know how to get healthy right? Cut out bread, eat more vegetables and drink plenty of water. It’s pretty simple stuff. However, for some people, eating “clean” may not actually work. It’s a confusing topic, but here’s why. Our personalities are based around our upbringing, past experiences and the genetics. It’s what makes […]

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wicks effect

The Wicks Effect

I watched last nights episode of Joe Wicks: The Body Coach and I have to say I did find it very interesting. There’s been quite the reaction to this in the fitness world so I thought I’d give my own take on the guy and his approach. When he first arose last year I was […]

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Why cheat meals are dumb

Why Cheat Meals Are Dumb

So one of the most commonly accepted principles about dieting is that you must stick to a regimented plan for 5-6 days and then once a week embark on an epic deviance of over indulgence and gluttony. Your chicken and broccoli is passed aside in place of over sized pizza, miniature chocolates and liberal glasses […]

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Malnutrition: More Of A Problem Than We Think?

Over the weekend I watched an excellent webinar by functional nutritionalist Bob Rakowski. He spoke about common issues most of the population face when trying to get leaner and generally improve their quality of life. There was one resounding fact that truly shocked me. This was the amount of deaths caused by malnutrition in the […]

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Understanding Your Brain

Neurotransmitters are pretty cool. They influence our mood, feelings and body composition. With such onus of the importance of hormonal equilibrium, neurotransmitter balance cannot be over looked and is an equally important piece of the body composition puzzle. Have you ever felt like something is not quite right? You’re training hard, eating well. Yet for […]

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weighing scales

Baseline Calories

How many calories do I need to eat? After putting out content about macros the recently, a few people enquired in to how many calories they should be eating a day. Unfortunately, calorie intake depends on the following things: Weight Activity levels Body fat Case history Goals To get a definitive amount you’d have to consult […]

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