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If It Fits Your Macros

Macronutrients is the name given to categorise 3 food groups; Protein, Fats and Carbs. The ratio of your macros will dictate your hormone production. For example, eat too many carbs, produce too much insulin. From experience, people who are looking to lose weight usually fall in to one of 3 categories. This is when the […]

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Deceptive nutrition

Deceptive Nutrition

So what do you think when you look at this meal? Pretty damn healthy right? Loads of great healthy fats and barely a carb in sight. This is a great meal for anyone looking to lose weight…or is it? I can guarantee that the first thing anyone who is looking to shed some fat will […]

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Brain Power

Boosting Brain Power

Brain fog is one of the most common issues that arise when I do client consultations. A lot of people complain of short term memory loss, being unable to concentrate for extended periods of time and feeling drowsy. Before I get onto supplements that aid cognition, I first must stress that brain fog stems from […]

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Hormonal manipulation

Hormonal Manipulation Via Food

Hormonal manipulation. What is it? Everything you eat affects your hormonal output. When we complain of lack of energy, brain fog or aches and pains, we’re really just highlighting that we have a pretty crappy diet. In retrospect, you can do some really cool things with the way you structure your food. You can manipulate […]

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