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Mike Tuchscherer

Mike Tuchscherer: Reactive Training Systems

I had the pleasure of interviewing Reactive Training Systems founder Mike Tuchscherer. Mike trains many IPF athletes and was once a world record holder with lifts of 365/220/385 at 120kg bodyweight. I contacted Mike to get his explanation and reasoning behind using auto-regulation and the RPE scale in training. Auto-regulation Something I have always struggled […]

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Calum Raistrick

Calum Raistrick: Physique Coach & Athlete

Calum Raistrick Calum Raistrick is someone I have been following for a while on social media. He is consistently putting out informative posts about nutrition, training and supplementation. In this podcast, we delve deep in to his ways of maximising recovery and identifying optimal carbohydrate intake. Supplementation Supplements can be a minefield, especially when you’re […]

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Mark Roper London Trainer

Mark Roper: Trainer & Educator

I catch up with the most educated man in the industry about client screening protocols, building a business and dealing with executive clientele. We discuss the most important factors to consider when training business owners with demanding scheduled and high stressed jobs. This is a great one for PT’s looking to build their brand and […]

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Adam Hayley

Adam Hayley: Physique Coach

After recently delivering a seminar at the Frontline Fit Performance Centre, Adam and I carry on some of the topics discussed on the day and delve in to further detail. Adam is co-founder of Results Now Training, a company dedicated to providing elite services in helping people achieve their dream physique. Both Adam and his […]

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Brett Jones: Strength Coach

I chat with Brett Jones, head coach of Strong First, a company founded by kettlebell and weight training legend Pavel Tsatsouline. In this podcast, you’ll learn the basic principles behind movement assessment, what is unique about kettlebell training and technique considerations for the squat.

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Mark Jones: Supercoach

In this episode, I talk about a journey of extreme body composition changes with both client and trainer. We discuss the methods and mindset behind the transformation and what it takes to achieve such incredible results. Often when people achieve amazing results with fat loss, training and nutrition information is kept as secret. Here, Mark, […]

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Wolfgang Unsold: Strength Coach

Wolfgang and I discuss training athletes for sports performance, neurotransmitters and of course, the most efficient way of training the squat. In this one podcast you’ll learn factors that must be considered when training MMA fighters and football players, which supplement is a necessity for overall neurotransmitter health and key considerations that must be taken […]

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Muscle Nerds: Personal Training Educators

FLF Functional Medicine Practitioner Jake Carter and I get all sciency with Luke and Zoe from Muscle Nerds. In this podcast Luke and Zoe give us an insight in to their journey through the fitness industry. Jake explains how he best utilises the data from Organic Acid Tests and Luke de-bunks some common myths about […]

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