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Lateral Hip Shift

Fixing Common Problems: Lateral Hip Shift

Believe it or not, in my experience, it’s actually more uncommon to find someone who squats and deadlifts perfectly symmetrical than it is to find someone with an imbalance. Most people who lift will have some form of bio-mechanical discrepancy. This article won’t be able to tell you what the problem is with your squat, […]

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Building A Booty

Building A Booty: A Few Things To Consider

Having a peachy backside is probably on top of a lot of people’s wish list this year. You see a plethora of “InstaModels” doing glute kickbacks, bridges, sumo squats/deadlifts and so on that leave them with a derriere so big it’d give Sir Mix-A-Lot a heart attack. If you’re looking to build your glutes, here are […]

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Chris Knott Opinions

Just Some Opinions

I get asked a lot of questions by friends and family about training and nutrition. Here are a few thoughts I’ll put out there purely based on my opinions, these aren’t the gospel truth, they’re just observations: “Back” only days don’t really work for the general pop. In other words, doing deadlifts, then pull ups, […]

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Training to failure

Common Training Mistakes: Training To Failure

Failure is a great thing. I’m all about failing spectacularly at stuff and learning in the process. As Winston Churchill said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm”. Training to failure however, is a whole different ball game. If you’re going to do it, you […]

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Confusion: When Things Don’t Make Sense

As the old saying goes “There’s plenty ways to skin a cat”. There is no field where this is more applicable than in the fitness industry. What one trainer will swear by another will condemn. This totally contradictory behaviour will leave punters confused to which method is the best to use. So how can methods […]

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Smart Conditioning

Smart Conditioning

Burn fat in ways you never thought before (Estimated reading time 10-12 minutes, scroll to the bottom for featured workout programme) Anyone who’s attended any type of business course or development programme will be familiar with the SMART goal setting principles. It’s a way of ensuring your goals are met by adhering to certain specifications; […]

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