Episode 41: Amy Woods - How to improve your online training business

Amy Woods: Online Marketing Specialist


Amy and I have been working together for over 18 months now. She has been an integral part of my development as a trainer as she has mentored me on the best ways to structure my content and get my voice heard. She is the creator of Digital Fitness Pro and Content10x, two online training programmes that will directly help you in improving your business. In this podcast, we discuss the do’s and don’t of online marketing plus much much more.

Building an online business

Amy and I identify the aspects on online marketing that have helped me in finding my voice in the industry. We talk about how specification of your target audience is key and how you should hone in on what your message is.

Social Media

Amy has really opened my eyes when it comes to analysing what social media is actually used for from an outsider perspective. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have very clever algorithms that will dictate the popularity of your posts. Amy enlightens me on the rules and regulations of the sites and what they will and won’t want people to see. We discuss strategies to get noticed, how you can organically boost posts through clever wording and what you categorically shouldn’t do to try and increase exposure.

How to achieve success

Amy and I are both big believers in 3 foundational rules for online success. I by no means have a legion of followers on any of my social medias. However I am delighted with my content as I believe it represents my message perfectly. This didn’t used to be the case, I made a lot of mistakes in the past which Amy and I highlight and explain how she helped me.

Notes Download

Click Amy Woods Notes┬áto download the summary of the main talking points in the podcast and also for the discount code on Amy’s online business course.