Creative Thinking: Why The Only Thing That Limits You Is Your Beliefs - Chris Knott

Creative Thinking: Why The Only Thing That Limits You Is Your Beliefs

I’m extremely open to a lot of methodologies. Even though some won’t appeal to me, I’ll never rule anything out as a possibility if it’s helped someone achieve their goals in something. I say this as a precursor to being completely open for the exact same to happen to me. If anyone is dismissive to something I may say, then this is perfectly acceptable in my eyes. Each to their own.

To some, my views on the world may seem a little bit out there. There’s no scientific backing of what I’m going to talk about in this article and it may even seem a little bit far-fetched.

So what is it I am about to discuss? Nutrition? Training? Supplements? Nope, in my opinion, these factors are left superfluous in the trail of the most important aspect in achieving goals; mindset.

More specifically, it is not just positive thinking that I am referring to. I am talking about the law of creation.

The law of creation is an extremely simple concept of whereby you conceive a notion in your head and then focus on it. Pretty straight forward right? You think of something you’d like to achieve and then concentrate on it with immense precision until you achieve it.

“OK, so all I have to do is think about something and then it’ll happen. Great, I’ll focus all my energy into winning the lottery and then I’ll be a millionaire”

Although this is kind of the premise of what I’m on about, this target depends on various elements that are dependant on chance. I am talking about using this law to manifest the goals that are completely within your control. You have complete control over how you eat, how you train and how hard you work.

In the talk that inspired me to write this article, the main focus is on the concept of reaping and sowing. First you must sow the seeds of thought. You must conceive a goal and then create a physical representation in the real world. This is done by writing future goals in present tense on a piece of paper.

For 4 months in the run up to my competition, I wrote;

“I back squat 200kg x 1 on 2nd April”

I did this every single night before I went to bed. Initially, when I started my training and 150kg felt very heavy, this goal seemed very unobtainable and scary. However, despite my reservations, I wrote my goal down every day and then did the work I had to do to achieve the goal; eat, train, recover and go again.

When you think of a future target enough, it slowly starts to become a real thought in your head. It becomes a normality, something that you’ve mentally created so many times, the physical re-enactment of it becomes natural.

So why have I included the video of me failing? Well it’s to completely prove the power of creative thought and limiting beliefs. At no point during my prep did the notion of even going near 210kg come in to mind. I was extremely content in hitting 200kg and that was all I focused on. Adding 10kg to this target was a completely foreign idea.

I went for the weight as I hit 200 with relative ease. Rather than sticking to the plan of 205, I had a rush of adrenaline and went for 210 (which would have been a 15kg personal best).

What you’ll notice about the video, is that I didn’t even attempt to fight the weight at all. Although I’m very conscious of technique, I barely tried to squat the weight once I hit a sticking point. Was this strength? Possibly, but in my eyes it was utterly down to the fact that I didn’t believe I could lift the weight. I was limited by my beliefs because I had not put in the mental work and mind mapped how the lift would look, feel and move.

Failure does not scare me one bit; lack of preparation does. If I don’t ever lift a weight, I know it’s down to poor planning and not the body’s physical capabilities. Our body’s physical capabilities are built upon the belief our minds have to complete a task, so in essence, it all boils down to “I can Vs I can’t”.

In this case, I didn’t achieve what I set out to do because it surpassed my beliefs of what was possible. However now I know to never limit myself of what I can do. Visualisation plus patience plus persistence is the most powerful tool you will ever possess for achieving a goal, no matter how far fetched it may seem.

Never limit yourself.