HRV & Programming For Strongman - Dan Reeve: u80kg Strongman & Coach

Dan Reeve: Personal Trainer & u80kg Strongman

Dan Reeve

Dan Reeve is a strength coach and under 80kg Strongman based out of the Frontline Fit Performance Centre. He recently had an outstanding performance at the Natural u80kg Strongman World Championships in Finland where he came 5th. In the podcast, we speak about all the variables he considered in the run up to his competition.

Subject Matter

Dan and I discuss a very current topic at the moment; HRV. You may have seen several coaches on social media talk about this and how they use it with their clients. Dan has been using this methodology for the past 9 months and is extremely familiar with how the system works. He talks me through what HRV is, how to interpret the data you collect and how it can improve your training.

Comp Prep

Dan has had an extremely successful year as an athlete. We talk about the difficulties he faced in the run up to his competitions, how he overcame them and the mindset he applied that hugely impacted his success. Dan is someone who is extremely diligent with his recovery. He takes me through all the variables he had under control and how they impacted his training.


We discuss every aspect of Dan’s training programme in the run up to the British and World championships. These preparations were dramatically different due to both the events and time frame we had to get ready for them. In this podcast you’ll learn all the things we did that got Dan to a stage that left him the fifth strongest man in the world in his weight category. You may be surprised at some of the methods we used.

Further Learning

In this podcast, I talk about a lot of elements I’ve covered in other interviews. These being; neurotyping with Christian Thibaudeau, Lifting arousal with Andrej Wodyn and strength training programming with Mike Tuchscherer. Make sure you check them out if you enjoyed the concepts discussed here.