Episode #50 - Dave Tate: Business, Auto-regulation and the Conjugate System

Dave Tate: Autoregulation & The Conjugate System

Dave Tate is founder and CEO of Elite FTS, the largest powerlifting equipment and education provider on the planet. In episode number 50 of my podcast, I chat to him about everything he’s learned during his time in business. As well as this, I wanted to get his take on the concept of auto-regulation, plus how applicable the Westside Barbell method is for the majority of lifters out there.

Dave Tate: Business Man

You don’t build one of the most successful fitness companies in the industry by accident. As someone with an avid interest in business, I wanted to know what Dave Tate has learned over the years when it comes to improving your product and growing. I ask Dave Tate what his biggest mistakes were throughout his business career and how much has changed with the prevalence of the internet and social media since the company was first formed.


I discussed auto-regulation before with RTS founder Mike Tuchscherer. This is a concept whereby you modulate volume and intensity by how you are feeling on the day and not necessarily what it says in the plan. This does not mean you arbitrarily go in to the gym and lift based on mood, but rather manipulate sets and rep ranges carefully by analysing factors such as muscle soreness, speed of warm ups and perceived levels of exertion.

As someone who’s been under the bar for decades, Dave Tate gives me his take on how you should auto-regulate in order to consistently and safely progress in the weight room.

Westside Barbell

I couldn’t speak to Dave Tate without asking a few questions about Louie Simmons’ methods at Westside Barbell. I asked Dave Tate about the science behind how the system works, why it’s so effective and who it’s most applicable for. Dave Tate gives a fantastic explanation about how the system enables lifters to specifically target their weaknesses and improve their performance on the platform.