Episode #49 - Blood Work Analysis: David O'Brien

David O’Brien: Blood Work Analysis

David O'Brien

Blood work is something I know very little about. I have had my bloods taken before, but found that understanding all the markers was well beyond my scope of knowledge. David O’Brien is co-founder of 5th Element Wellness in Melbourne, Australia. He came highly recommended to me by colleague Dan Reeve. In this podcast, you’ll get an incredibly interesting and detailed breakdown of blood work analysis.

David O’Brien

David has a very holistic approach to health and wellness. He believes that regardless of your goal, be it hypertrophy, strength or fat loss, optimal health is essential. Training hard in the gym is only one piece of the puzzle. In this podcast, he explains the correlation between sleep, digestive health and stress management and how failing to address one of the components has a huge affect on your results.

Blood Work

If there’s one thing a lot of coaches are guilty of, including myself, it’s blindly prescribing supplements just because they “seem” relevant to the client. David explains how his protocols go way beyond this and look at objective data that precisely identifies where the issue lies. However, it doesn’t stop there. David goes on to tell me about how increasing one marker can have cascading affects on others, therefore you need to be extremely cautious in your approach and think long term.

Optimum Wellness

David’s ethos is long-lasting health. He does not believe in short term quick fixes and looks to impart his wisdom on clients so they can have life long health and not just short term changes in body composition. He believes in looking at things long term and complete fixing people from the inside out. David takes me through what he believes are the essentials for wellness and how to maximise gut health, hormonal balance and stress management.