Episode 37: The link between inflammation and depression - Dr Ishrat Husain

Dr Ishrat Husain: Clinical Psychiatrist

Ishrat Husain

I was very excited to do this podcast. The reason being is that it finally gave me the chance to cross some bridges in regards to the world of fitness and that of academic science. Dr Ishrat Husain holds a visiting academic post at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, Europe’s largest centre for research and postgraduate education in psychiatry, psychology, basic and clinical neuroscience and a centre for academic excellence. He kindly gave up time out of his busy schedule to discuss some extremely interesting topics to me.


I have my beliefs and anecdotal experiences when it comes to getting people healthy. However there is big difference between so called “hard” and “soft” science. A lot of the things I prescribe, such as goal setting and a positive mental attitude is known as “soft science”. These methods may work but there is little solid scientific research to validate whether it is effective or just a placebo. The reason for getting Dr Ishrat Husain on the show was to explore the connection between my holistic preachings with mindset and his evidence based study on inflammation and mood disorders.

The Research

Dr Husain spent 4 years carrying out research regarding biological markers and psychological disorders. In the podcast we explore the link between biofeedback and the implications it has on mental health and general well being.

The Science

I believe that although it’s fantastic personal trainers have an interest in neurotransmitters and hormones, we must stay within our jurisdiction for what we proclaim. It is dangerous to proclaim X and Y when you haven’t studied something intently for a long period of time to a high degree. Dr Ishrat Husain takes me through the key neurotransmitters behind mood disorders and what characteristics you will see in those suffering from these issues.

The Action Plan

Dr Ishrat Husain and I outline the key features of diet lifestyle that are necessity for optimum health. We identify the supplements, dietary protocols and habit formation that is needed to maximise your overall well being.