Ethos - Chris Knott



When it comes to getting results, diet and training will only get you so far. How do I know this? Well from my own personal experience in training myself and clients, it doesn’t matter how good a person’s regime is, if they don’t believe that change is possible, then they won’t get the results they desire. Your thoughts have much greater implications on your ability to change than you think. You have to work on a positive mindset just like you would a muscle. You must see failure as growth, lack of progress as education and immerse yourself into positive self talk. The first step for change is a change in thinking.


Our muscles, bones and organs are made up of the food we put in our body. The term 'you are what you eat' is exactly that. When we deprive our body of the essential nutrition it needs, we massively hinder the way we function, move and feel. That being said, we live in a modern world. I appreciate that there is more to life than abiding by an intensely restrictive diet that focuses on deprivation. My goal is to educate you on balance. Why and when we need the right foods and also how to incorporate your favourite dishes in as well, without regressing from your goals. It's all about lifestyle, not a diet.


The ability to move is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive. The way I see it, why wouldn't anyone want to discover how fit, strong and powerful they can become. This doesn't have to be in relation to others, this is completely intrinsic and based on your own journey. The issue is as we age we lose our mobility, we lose our strength, and we lose our muscle. By using a thorough biochemical screening process I assess clients on current movement dysfunction and create a programme based around fixing these problems. My principles will get you the strongest, leanest and most mobile you're ever been in your life.


Who you are is a combination of the previous three principles. It’s important to understand that each concept is directly reliant on the other and vice versa. Your thoughts will affect what you want to eat, what you eat will affect the way you move, the way you move will affect the way you think. Your entire “being” is a reflection of your internal wellness based upon these three aspects. No one area is more important than the other. It’s vital that everything is treated from a holistic perspective and that nothing is pin pointed to one certain commodity. To be the best version of yourself, you need to eat, think and move to the best of your ability.