Hormonal Manipulation Via Food - Chris Knott

Hormonal Manipulation Via Food

Hormonal manipulation. What is it?

Everything you eat affects your hormonal output. When we complain of lack of energy, brain fog or aches and pains, we’re really just highlighting that we have a pretty crappy diet.

In retrospect, you can do some really cool things with the way you structure your food. You can manipulate mood, creativity, focus, drive and relaxation all by what you chose to eat.

Here is an example of the way I have structured my food today followed by the reasoning behind my choices. This is purely an insight for people on how to eat depending on your goals. Right now I am looking to drop a little body fat but the main objective is to enjoy training. There’s no over emphasis on any type of nutritional strategy.

6am – Rib eye steak, 2 fried eggs, handful of cashews

– Great breakfast for mental alertness, focus and fat loss.

9am – Rib eye steak and avocado

– Pre workout meal 2 hours prior to training

1pm – Post Workout Shake: Whey protein, glutamine, glycine & carbs powder + 2g vitamin C

– Protein for muscle repair, carbs amount is based on workout volume, vitamin C to lower cortisol

2:30pm – Grated carrot, chopped celery and sauerkraut salad

– Purely for gut health due to the volume of red meat eaten

3:30pm – Turkey and Bacon salad with cucumber and pine nuts

– Workout volume was low today, hence a lower carb mid afternoon meal. Also allows better focus for writing emails, programmes and research.

7pm – Lamb, Kale and potatoes

– Protein and carbs meal to boost calming neurotransmitters and aid sleep.

You may look at that and say it’s pretty much the Paleo diet. Although it may seem that way, there was absolutely no intention for it to be that way. In my opinion, you should change the way you eat on a daily basis based on what the objective of the day is. If I’d done a much higher volume workout, where the goal was to put on muscle mass, I would add a lot more carbs in the form of rice or linseed bread.

The goal of today was to feel mentally alert in order to complete a lot of academic work. Hence including high fat choices such as red meat, eggs and nuts that (when digested properly) stimulate the brain. After training, the goal is to maintain cognitive function, but also repair the body from the demands of exercise. This is why I chose a high protein content with nutrition dense foods that will aid digestion.

Your nutritional choices have a direct affect on how you feel and perform. Base your diet on manipulation of brain power and fat loss happens as a by product