Episode #47 - Intra Workout Nutrition: Dr Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson: Intra Workout Nutrition

Intra workout

Last year I had a fascinating chat with Dr Scott Stevenson about an array of topics such as genetics, hypertrophy and biomechanics for training. Scott’s knowledge blew me away and so I asked if he’d like to feature on the show again but this time talking solely about Intra Workout Nutrition. This podcast is everything you need to know about supplementation during training.

Background: Why Intra-Workout Nutrition?

The fitness industry is inundated with an array of different supplements and products. With marketing being so prominent, it’s difficult to know which supplements are best to take and why. I wanted to get to the bottom of what works and what doesn’t. However I felt like getting just anecdotal evidence, I needed some more evidence based literature. I couldn’t think of anyone better than Scott to ask about this, as he has a knowledge of research unlike anyone I have spoken to before.

Intra Workout Nutrition: The Basics

To some, intra workout nutrition simply means ingesting a few extra carbs in the form of dextrin powder to help get a better pump. Scott explains why your choice of carb powder is so important, how to manipulate dosages and when to increase volume. As well as this, Scott tells me all about the different properties and mechanisms of EAA’s and BCAA’s and which ones are more important to take whilst training.

Intra Workout Nutrition: Who’s it for?

I think virtually any supplement can have a valid case as to why you should take it. However Scott and I decipher which supplements are more applicable for different for varying demographics and what to buy if you’re training on a budget.

Intra Workout Nutrition: What to expect

There is no magically elixir in the fitness industry. Nothing will compensate for hard work and consistency. This being said I would confidently say that a good quality intra-workout shake is an excellent way of maximising muscle growth and taking advantage of  the physiological mechanisms under way in the body during training.