The Law Of Attraction: Powerful Tool Or Figment Of The Imagination? - Chris Knott

The Law Of Attraction: Powerful Tool Or Figment Of The Imagination?

I like to think outside of the box. In a world where almost instantaneous results are sold to us through the art of deluded grandeur, are we overlooking one of the most powerful and straight forward applications to achieve success; our ability to envision it ourselves.

Positivity can be a cruel mistress. In some respects, it’s a noble trait to portray, but in others, it can depict you as someone who does not have a proper concept of the “real world”.

This notion is almost oxymoronic. We get criticised for having our heads in the clouds, being a dreamer and not grasping the harsh truths of reality, yet reality itself is purely a figment of your own intrinsic world.

It’s why we laugh at different things, cry at different things and dream of different things.

Our brains, and so therefore our reality, are all moulded by the accumulation of thoughts, memories and processes that we have experienced over time. A bad memory can associate a certain person or place with negativity. This does not mean this person or place IS bad, but just so in the psyche of the experiencer.

So what does this have to do with the law of attraction?

Well, our future is created by our intentions. Things never happen by accident. Even the most accidental of occurrences happen due to people being in the right/wrong place at the appropriate time. Without action, we have nothing.

Now what happens if action is coupled with immense focus on a primary goal or idea? If your brain is completely consumed with the possibility that a dream is achievable, you are drawing all your attention and energy towards it. Combine this with taking the appropriate steps to obtain your goal and you are hugely increasing the likelihood of success.

No goal can be achieved without us believing it first. However our beliefs stem from what we tell ourselves everyday. If your entire world is seen through a negative mindset, then the manifestation of positive thoughts is going to be highly unlikely.

Positivity isn’t something that exists in one entity, it resonates through your whole belief system and reverberates in to everything you do. Think of energy as self developing, it builds momentum via the focus you place on it. If you are positive in one area of your life, it should emit to everything else. It’s rare you find people who are successful who hate and try to demean others; and even if they are successful, this negativity indicates clear unhappiness, and what is success without happiness.

Law of attraction isn’t necessarily believe it and it will come true. It is the application of convincing your mind that something is possible coupled with the appropriate actions to achieve your goal. If you don’t apply the same amount of focus in to your mindset as you do with your nutrition and training then you are missing a huge aspect of a very powerful element in achieving your goals.