Episode #48 - The Macronutrient Guide: Solo Podcast

The Macronutrient Guide


Are you looking to increase muscle mass, lose fat or improve performance? In my opinion, this is all about controlling variables. If you don’t track your weights, calorie intake and expenditure, you’re missing out on a very useful tool for changing your body. If macros are alien to you, this podcast will explain all in how to structure your diet and why.

Macronutrients: What are they?

Macronutrients are the names given to categorise specific types of foods; these are protein, fats and carbs. Each macronutrient has a certain purpose in the body. To keep things incredibly simple, protein is for building muscle, fats are for making hormones and carbs are for energy. This is a gross over simplification of their full mechanisms, however this podcast is for an intermediate levels and for the general population who’d like to learn more about tracking.

Macronutrients: Energy Amounts

Each macronutrient has a certain amount of energy per gram.

Protein = 4 cals per gram

Fat = 9 cals per gram

Carbs = 4 cals per gram

This is useful as if you know how many grams of a macronutrient you eat, you’ll be able to figure out how many calories in it. I.e. 100g protein = 400 cals

What this podcast will teach you

In this podcast, I take you through exactly how I structure my client’s diets and why. I also give a detailed account of what to focus on when tracking and what not to worry about. Macronutrients are a very over complicated area in the health and fitness industry. They can become more of a hassle than assistance when misunderstood.

Additional Info

My personal go to for macronutrient counting is My Fitness Pal. If you’d like to learn more about macronutrients specifically for fat loss, I would recommend listening to my photo shoot prep podcast with online physique coach Calum Raistrick.