Negativity - Chris Knott


When you see someone accomplish something, what’s your initial reaction?

Is it to think;

“Wow, that’s amazing, that person must have worked extremely hard to achieve that”


“They must have good genetics, have cheated or are taking something they shouldn’t be”

I don’t think your reaction says much about you as a person, but rather what type of mindset you’re currently in. I’ve trained my mind so when I see someone accomplish something incredible I think “that’s what is achievable when you are consistent and work hard, if they can do it, I can do it”

Lazy and incompetent people are threatened by progress. They are scared that seeing someone else apply themselves may force them out of their comfort zone and make them work harder. In order to justify themselves, they’ll usually shoot the person trying down and try and mock them.

If this ever happens to you, take it as a complement. It means your progression is clear and apparent for all to see.

Negativity is a dreadful thing. Surround yourself with it enough and it’ll consume the way you think as well. If you believe in the law of attraction, when you are negative, bad things happen to you as well. It all really boils down to what you focus on.

Smile, complement people and focus on your own goals. Everyone else’s opinions are irrelevant when you are diametrically focused on your own journey.