Episode #46 - New Year Goals: How to get results with Dan Reeve

New Year Goal Setting: How to get results

Goal setting

So it’s January and New Years resolutions will be rife. The quality streets have been substituted for protein shakes and gym memberships will sky rocket. Goal setting is an incredibly important factor when looking to change your body. In this podcast, Dan Reeve and I discuss the most important things when starting your diet and what is imperative for sustainable progress.

The Christmas Binge

Is it ok to gain weight over Christmas? Should we feel guilty for relaxing and going off plan. This is something a lot of people will be thinking when going back to work with a few extra pounds and tighter waistlines. There are both pro’s and con’s of being compliant over the festive season. Dan and I chat about our own experiences over Christmas and the impact it had on our training and body composition.


Success is built on a solid foundation. Most people are tempted to use aggressive tactics in January such as detoxes, low carb diets and supplements. The fact of the matter is that none of these are necessary without first establishing baselines of health. Dan and I talk about what these are and why they are so important.

Goal Setting

It’s very important to set goals. However goal setting can sometimes be misunderstood for just making proclamations about how you’d like to look. People don’t go from 25 to 10% body fat. They go from 25 to 22 to 20 and so on. Taking small steps is extremely important and in this podcast you’ll learn the methods that Dan and I use to help our clients and ourselves progress.

Strength Camp

This podcast was specifically recorded with our Strength Camp members in mind. We wanted something for both new and existing customers to listen to so they know exactly what to do to get results. The formula is simple, it’s the application that is challenging. By listening to this podcast, you will gain a full understanding of what you need to do to get the most out of your investment.