Episode #45 - Photo Shoot Prep: Calum Raistrick

Calum Raistrick: Photo Shoot Prep

Photo shoot prep

Photo shoot prep and strongman training don’t really go hand in hand. In one corner you have to gain as much mass as possible in order to build strength. In the other, you have to meticulously count calories so that body fat drops to single digits. So this begs the question; what happens when you do both at once?

Starting point: why photo shoot prep

I believe that all trainers should constantly be pushing themselves. Having a discipline shows your clients that you too can stick to a regimented plan. You must lead by example. After having some photo’s done back in May, I wasn’t happy with the final shots and so wanted another pop at prepping.

As apposed to last time, I wanted to do things properly and follow an intricate plan from a seasoned pro. Enter Calum.

The Problem: time frames

Calum only takes people on month by month. I enquired mid October, which meant we would only have 5 and half weeks to get me shredded. I wouldn’t say I was in bad shape, but I lacked discipline, consistency and structure with my diet.¬†You can see my starting point by checking out the biggest things I learned whilst dieting here.

The time before starting the diet was spent collecting data. I tracked weight, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and fasted blood glucose levels. I started the diet on Thursday 2nd November and the day of the shoot was Friday 8th December; 36 days later.

Twist: Training Methods

So what happens when you apply a bodybuilding prep diet to a strongman programme. Well this podcast will explain exactly what happened to me and the obstacles and challenges we faced.

If you’d like to see my exact training plan whilst dieting, you can do so at the link here.


This podcast is another no holds barred account of every single minute detail we did during my prep. You’ll learn the diet alterations we made, the supplements I took and the impact it had on performance.

On the go? Want to take notes? Don’t worry, I’ve done it all for you. You can download the main points of the show by clicking the link below.

Calum Raistrick Photo Shoot Notes