Episode #80 - What is your relationship like with training?

What’s your relationship like with training?

What’s your relationship like with training?

In this podcast, I talk about my relationship with training over the years and assess the areas in which I learned the most. I discuss where I went wrong, why I was going wrong and the mindset I developed to overcome this issue.

Who’s this for?

This podcast is for anyone looking to build a bullet proof outlook on training. If you want to be lifting weights in 20-30 years time, make sure you listen to this podcast and utilise all the recommended self assessments to analyse your relationship with training.

What to do

If you’re listening to this whilst on the go you can download the show notes here with all the questions I would recommend asking yourself. Grab a note book, grab a coffee and write down some thoughts about your true relationship with health and fitness. This will give you a lot of clarity of where you see yourself going in the industry.

Episode 80 Show Notes

Useful Links

If you want to check out any of the books I recommended in the podcast, feel free to do so at my amazon associates page below here

Additional Notes

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Thanks again for listening to Episode #80 – What’s your relationship like with training? More shows coming up very soon. Stay tuned.