Episode #52 - Powerlifting and training the Mountain: Sebastian Oreb

Sebastian Oreb: Powerlifter & Strength Coach

Sebastian Oreb

I chat to the Australian Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb about how he peaks for powerlifting meets, how he developed his Strength Systems seminar and what he did to build Thor’s incredible static strength. We discuss what changes and approaches he had in taking Thor from a raw strongman talent to one of the strongest athletes ever.

Sebastian Oreb: The Powerlifter

Sebastian himself is an incredibly strong guy. He has a 360kg back squat which is likely to be beaten very soon. We discuss his powerlifting systems and background in rehabilitation. He explains what his ambitions were when he first started and how he’s got the level he’s at now.

Sebastian Oreb: The Educator

Sebastian is now travelling the world delivering his strength training systems to an array of coaches. We discuss how he developed his systems and what attendees should expect to learn whilst attending his seminars. His next one in the UK will be 8th-10th April at the Frontline Fit Performance Centre.

Sebastian Oreb: The Coach

Sebastian has been working with Hathor Bjournsson for 3 years now. In this time he has taken him from raw, freak protege to a well rounded, athletic strongman with virtually no weaknesses. We discuss what Sebastian did differently with Thor’s training and how he approaches getting Thor strong whilst having to consider the various disciplines he may face in competition.