5 Things You Don't Need To Do To Lose Weight - Chris Knott

5 Things You Don’t Need To Do To Lose Weight

Okay, let’s jump right in with 5 things you don’t need to do to lose weight…

1. Any type of Juicing or Detox diet

Juicing is great as you get a high dose of vitamins and minerals. However the weight loss effects of juice only diets are mainly attributed to calorie reduction. If you want to lose weight, eat less than you have been doing…which shouldn’t be hard.

2. Cut out carbs

Everyone associates carbs with getting fat. Without going in to too much detail, they don’t do this at all. Eating a jacket potato in the evening will not cause you to put fat on around your waist. Eating a tub of quality street whilst watching a Breaking Bad box set will. Both are carbs but both have very different effects. In my opinion, there’s no reason lower glycemic carbs need to be taken out.

3. Set unrealistic goals

I’m all for aiming for the stars, but in retrospect, highly ambitious goals are just the accumulation of a lot of small goals reached periodically. Wanting to lose a stone by the end of the month is putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Pressure leads to extreme behaviour and unsustainable actions. Set small obtainable goals and stay consistent.

4. Everything you can possibly think of

It’s good to eat clean and be active, but going from doing nothing and eating crap to weight training 7 times a week, morning cardio, vegetable smoothies and meal prepping is quite a dramatic change. My advice would be to pick one thing that will have the most effect on your lifestyle and work on that until it becomes a habit. A healthy breakfast would be the first port of call in my opinion.

5. Judge others

Bit dramatic but I’ll explain. You may choose to get in to the best shape of your life in 2017, but others may not. Just because you have made a choice to start going to the gym doesn’t mean you should pressure or condemn others for not doing so. Some people may not be ready or for others in may not be as important. The only person you should focus on is yourself, no one else.